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Are their any good colon cleansing pills?

And i need to know when the action strarts the minimum has got to be 5 hours.

Posted by hope;

Research has found that any average person contains about five to twenty pounds of waste that is accumulated in their colons. This is the reason why one can find literally hundreds of advertisements telling about the dangers of deadly toxins that can lead to parasite build up and ultimately colon cancer. One reality that we cannot run away from in today's modern world is the increasing amount of pollution coupled with bad food habits. Since it is impossible to eliminate these dangerous chemicals, it is therefore prudent to find some kind of means to detoxify the body. This is where colon cleansing pills come in to the picture.

With the increasing instance of colon cancer throughout the world, no wonder there are literally thousands of colon cleansing pills available that have flooded the market. From laxatives to enema to eastern medicines, they are dime a dozen. Although the ultimate option rests with the individual, it is always recommended that you consult a qualified physician before trying any of these products.

Most of the colon-cleansing products claim to fix your problems immediately. One should always be careful with colon cleansing pills, because you owe it to yourself to use the best products. It is always preferable that you seek the help of a medical professional when it comes to choosing colon-cleansing pills. For instance, there is always the danger of overusing a particular pill. A laxative or enema may sometimes cause the colon to lose its ability to empty normally. This is one of the reasons why pills with natural ingredients are finding an increasing number of takers in the market. Since they do not leave any harmful side effects, they are becoming very popular. Still, it is always preferable that you check out on the formula, before using them.

Colon cleasning pills?

Has anyone ever used these pills that cleanse your colon, and do they really work to help with weight lost and clearing up skin? I am really interested in them…like the evercleasne but I dont know the side effects and if they are worth the money. I just had a baby so I wanna lose weight fast before Oct. 5th.

Posted by Tristens Mommy!

I use the colon cleasing pills, I didn't loose any weight, but I also didn't gain any weight and I stopped working out because I dont have time anymore.

Anyone have Experience with Colon Cleansing PILLS?

Has anyone taken Bowtrol Colon Cleansing pills or anything like that.. I would like to hear your feedback.

Posted by shaylee87

Colon Blow is the BOMB! I'm not kidding when I say I experienced results very similar to their "outstanding poop pics." (BTW, that's the sites name for the pictures.)

Now for the TMI:
I don't go regularly AT ALL, and it was very gratifying to get rid of that stuff. A friend of mine was told by her Dr. That the longer the poo stays in your system , the more calories and stuff the body tries to get out of it. Makes sense.

Colonblow… The process.

Colonblow works like this. In 24 hours, your body is given the opportunity to expel months, even years of 'sludge' that stays impacted in your colon. Suggested use for best results, take Colonblow as a dietary supplement for 3 meals, that's it.

So, for example, have Colonblow for :

1.) dinner tonight
2.) breakfast tomorrow
3.) lunch tomorrow

(Or any combination of the 3 that works well for you)

Colonblow is an all natural product and process designed to help an individual target and eliminate long term waste. The Colonblow product is comprised of capsules and powder that work together for the aforementioned purpose. While there are many many strongly branded products that will help you go to the bathroom, that is not our only objective. It is relatively safe to say that even folks whose movements are as consistent as sun in San Diego, they probably carry around what can be termed long term waste. This is matter pressed in areas of the colon and dense mucus that lines the colon to protect it but builds up over time. This is what Colonblow can help promote the release of. Not simply QUANTITY releases, but QUALITY releases. Not simply waste, but perhaps very long term waste.
**The powder mixed with orange juice doesn't taste bad…just drink it right away before it thickens. If you do, it tastes like the OJ with lots of pulp. The powder is mainly psyllium seed husks.

** Be sure to drink LOTS of water.

I also took Lactobacillus Acidophilus capsules when doing the colon cleanse. It is a beneficial bacteria that synthesizes nutrients in the intestinal tract, counteracts pathogenic micro-organisms and maintains a healthy intestinal environment. Acidophilus may also be used for digestive maintenance and flora restoration after long courses of antibiotics. They help promote a "good" environment.


I have tried just the capsules from Walmart, but got better results from colon blow.

Gross Colon Cleansing _Colothin Cleanse

Addiction, Antibiotic, Capsule - Free image - 71574

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